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often copied - never equalled


This site is dedicated to goalkeepers of all ages who might not have the opportunity to be professionally coached. For club GK coaches with limited experience wishing to increase their knowledge or coaching routines. More advanced coaches can explore the development methods used to improve the techniques and skills for the goalkeepers who attend personal coaching sessions with theKeeper.co.uk.


Hopefully theKeeper.co.uk will encourage everyone who has any involvement with a goalkeeper, be it a parent, school or club to recognise the importance of specialised coaching and what it ultimately offers and come away from just having balls kicked at them in the hope some, no matter how, will be saved. Coaching starts from the beginning when a player decides to be a goalkeeper so that they learn the correct methods, techniques and skills which can then be further improved as they grow and develop; good goalkeepers are rarely self taught or just happen to be natural to that position.


A special thanks to all past and present goalkeepers (and their parents), media production, product sponsors & supporters who feature in the content of this site, without you it would not be possible.




                                                           2019 HALLOWEEN GOALKEEPER GROUP SESSIONS CLICK HERE

                                                                                   WARNING - only open if NOT of sound mind!


                             PHOTO┬┤S FROM THE  WILLEN WORLD CUP  13th/14th  JULY 2019 -  CLICK HERE






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